The Team

Erika Morris

Erika's colleagues characterize her as part mentor, part bull terrier, part social worker and part fearless leader.

"In this business, you have to have a thick skin and a strong arm," Erika says. "Because nobody's perfect. There's always going to be conflict, and you have to be ready to jump in and deal with it. You can't take it personally, and you can't be afraid to say no. "

That said, there are also many rewarding aspects to the job that keeps things in balance and help her bring a bright, beaming smile to any situation.

"I love getting to know the tenants," Erika says. "People open up to me, and I often find myself playing mediator or even counselor. There's nothing more rewarding than getting a family into a home when they had no other options, or when they just didn't give the right answer on an application."

"I also enjoy the business side of it…it's gratifying when I can help an investor find a good property, and then watch that investment come to fruition.

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